Finnish Ice Hockey Museum Association
The Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame is administered by the Board of the Finnish Ice Hockey Museum Association. The Museum works in close cooperation with the Tampere Museums and the Sports Museum of Finland.

Founded in June 14, 1979.

Founder members:
Aarne Honkavaara, Kalervo Kummola, Kimmo Leinonen, Harry Lindblad, Juhani Linkosuo and Usko Teromaa

Harry Lindblad 1979-1983, Aarne Honkavaara 1983-1996, Unto Wiitala 1996-2001, Pertti Kontto 2002-2011, Kimmo Leinonen 2011

Honoured chairmen:
Aarne Honkavaara 1996, Unto Wiitala 2002, Pertti Kontto 2011-

Board 2011-2012:
Kimmo Leinonen (Chairman), Jukka-Pekka Vuorinen (Finnish Hockey League), Hannu Soro (Finnish Ice Hockey Association), Pekka Honkanen (Sports Museum Foundation), Jyrki Lumme (Finnish Hockey League Alumni), Jarmo Saarela (Finnish Ice Hockey Players´ Association), Jari Kurri and Kai Tervonen

Treasurer: Matti Pukka

Street address:
Vapriikki, P.O. Box 487
33101 Tampere, Finland

Kimmo Leinonen
Tel. +358 50 444 1411